Toven Forever And Always, CD, NA, CGC, TDI

McCabe is the "old man" of Toven....but you would never know it!  At 13 years old, McCabe can jump and run like the youngsters.  He is  Steven's best buddy and still makes everyone laugh at his antics.

Macdega Truth or Dare, CGC, TDI

"Daniel" is our sweetest boy.  He has been a wonderful therapy dog and bed buddy since his retirement from the breed ring after being struck with Lyme Disease.  "Daniel" brings smiles wherever he goes.  He is the sire of both Toven Lies and Alibis, CGC, TDI (Keebler) and Westcountry Toven Kildare (Dare) soon to be Canadian Champion!!!!  She will be the 4th Canadian Champion from that litter bred by Barbara Herbert, Westcountry.

Toven Lies And Alibis CGC, TDI

(Macdega Truth Or Dare X Taplrac Society Girl)

 " Keebler", aka Toven Lies and Alibis, CGC, TDI aka 'Mother Superior of Toven'  is our pure for sable girl.  She is the dam of Toven  Rikadon Just In Time, who is doing ever so well in agility, obedience and the breed ring in Denmark under the gentle hand of Jani Nelson and Johanna Allanoch.  "Keebler" is an elegant sable who has the outline of an AOAC...long, flowing lines and stylish grace.  She moves like a dream and is our bed buddy here at Toven.


Can Ch. Rikadon Toven Winter Tempest

(Am/Can Ch Toven Wintertide X Can Ch. Rikadon Madison Avenue)

Echo came to us thanks to Donna McCulloch (Rikadon).
We love her for her correct, effortless movement and sweet, outgoing temperament.

She is the dam of Can Ch. Toven Evermore (Am. pointed), Toven Wilderness Merlin CDX,
DKAGCH DKSPCH Toven Catch Me If You Can CGC NAJ and Toven Sayre Instant Karma CD, CGC, TDI.

Echo is now living with Judy and Bob Fallman



Can Ch. Toven Whispers In Winter

(Am/Can Ch Toven Wintertide X Can Ch. Shelou Rikadon Scandelous )

Thea is the wild child of Toven. A singleton puppy, Thea thinks the world revolves around her! Like Echo, Thea moves with grace and style, and always has a twinkle in her eye!

Thea finished her Canadian championship with a Group 2 and Group 4 from the Open class, thanks to Shelley McHugh Boumans.

Westcountry Toven Water Colours

(Am/Can Ch Toven Wintertide X Can Ch Westcountry Dare To Compare)

Asia is our first sable merle. She came graciously to us from Barb Herbert (Westcountry).

Asia possesses the head details that we have been looking to incorporate into our existing pedigrees. She has beautiful, almond shaped eyes and lovely, natural ears. In addition, she also moves cleanly and without wasted effort.

Asia is now retired and retired and living with Letizia Diamond.

Check Back Soon!


Can Ch. Toven Evermore
(Am Ch Mystix Quote Unquote X Can Ch. Rikadon Toven Winter Tempest)

Peyton is the fourth generation of Toven Shetland Sheepdogs, and is a successful combination of the sound movement and the soft, feminine expression that we desired.

She finished quickly in Canada, and is pointed in the USA.


Westcountry Toven Kildare

(Macdega Truth Or Dare X Westcountry Anisette)

One of the sweetest girls here at Toven is our Westcountry Toven Kildare.  "Dare" is from a spectacular litter of 6 girls bred by Barb Herbert (Westcountry).  She is out of Westcountry Anisette and sired by our own Macdega Truth or Dare (Daniel).  Together, they have produced 3 Canadian champions...and we are hoping DARE will be #4 from that litter!  Dare earned 7 Canadian points last winter before she decided to change her wardrobe...she is presently with Barb and Tim Herbert growing new coat.  She'll be out with Shelley McHugh-Boumann in the fall and hopefully finish in no time so she can come back home!"

Dare is retired and living with Patty Mapes.




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