Ch. Macdega DeNiro, ROM

                                                Ch. Country Lane’s The Energizer, ROM/ROMC

                                                            Macdega Monerey

                                    Ch. Macdega Asterisk, ROM (OFA27E)

                                                            Ch. Macdega The Piano Man, ROM

                                                Ch. Macdega Unforgettable

                                                            Brecon Forget Me Not

AM/Can Ch. Toven Wintertide, Can CD, ROMC X 2, sire of 8 AM Chs.

 (Eye, VwD, Thyroid normal & OFA Excellent)

                                                                                Ch. Macdega The Piano Man, ROM

                                                Ch. Macdega Maserati, ROM

                                                            Ch. Macdega One Day At A Time

                                    Toven Rainboh’s In Spring, CGC, TDI (OFA31E)

                                                            Ch. Banchory Strike Me Silver, ROM

                                                Rainboh Etched In Silver

                                                            Rainboh Tri It On Key


                                                                                Cherden The Energizer (POW)

                                                Cherden look Of Eagles (10 ptd)

                                                            Cherden The Black Dahlia (Formal Notice/POW)

                                    Int./UKC Ch. Chereden Blackhawk (OFA Good), ptd.

                                                            Cherden Jonjerel Bi The Way (Formal Notice/Thunder Blue)

                                                Cherden Bi Winter Starlite

Caviar Bi Winter Skies (Banchory/High Born/Thunder Blue)

Cherden Scintillating

Can. Ch. Chadwick’s Artic Ice

(POW, Thunder Blue,High Born)

                                                Ch.Cherden Power Sequent (OFA Good)

                                                            Cherden Summer Sequel (POW. Formal Notice)

                                    Cherden Entranced

                                                            Cherden The Power Broker (Formal Notice, POW)

                                                 Cherden The Black Orchid

                                                            Int. Ch. Cherden Clouds N’ Eclipses

(High Born, POW, Thunder Blue)



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