Am Ch. Macdega Deniro ROM
			Am/Can Ch. Country Lane The Energizer ROM/C
				Macdega Monterey
		Am Ch. Macdega Asterisk ROM
				Am Ch. Macdega The Piano Man ROM/C
			Am Ch. Macdega Unforgettable
				Brecon Forget Me Not
	Am/Can Ch. Toven Wintertide CD, ROMC
				Am Ch. Macdega The Piano Man ROM
			Am Ch. Macdega Maserati ROM
				Am Ch. Macdega One Day At A Time
		Toven Rainboh's In Spring CGC
				Am Ch. Banchory Strike Me Silver ROM
			Rainboh Etched In Silver
				Rainboh Tri It On Key
Can Ch. Rikadon Toven Winter Tempest
				Macdega Beyond a Shadow
			Can Ch. Candega's One Hundred Proof, CD
				Can Ch. Candega's Allies Elan Vital
		Can Ch. Rikadon's Totally Chrome
				Am Ch. Macdega The Piano Man, ROM
			Can Ch. Terobshe Rikadon Regalia
				Am/Can Ch. Terobshe Rikadon Lightly Iced
	Can Ch. Rikadon's Madison Avenue
				Am Ch. Dundee Famous Amos, ROM
			Am Ch. Dundee Amos Moses, ROM
				Am Ch. Fiego Star Of Africa
		Rikadon Lakewind Incantation
				Am Ch. Macdega Time Bandit
			Can Ch. Terobshe Rare Edition
				Can Ch. Terobshe Special Edition